VII International conference
                                         "ISSUES IN MODERN MACHINES MECHANICS"
                                         Russia, Ulan-Ude, Baikal
                                         25 - 30 June  2018
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Place of the conference
The conference will be held on the southern shore of the Barguz Bay, Lake Baikal in the Recreation Centre of the ESSUTM “Rovesnik”. This is a picturesque place located near the village Maksimikha, 240 kilometers far from Ulan-Ude. Maksimikha is one of the most beautiful places of Lake Baikal. Clear water, mountains surrounding the place create a stunning picture and make an unforgettable impression. There is a local museum in the open air exhibiting arts and crafts of local people about a kilometer away from Maksimikha. “Rovesnik” provides such accommodations as: tennis courts, basketball and volleyball pitches, a football field and a Russian banya. Accomodation fee depends on the degree of comfort in apartments (there being single and twin rooms with shower and a toilet, rooms with a toilet only, rooms with a toilet on the floor, and rooms without either a toilet or a shower attached to them.) 

Weather and Clothing
The weather in the late June on the shore of Lake Baikal is warm, but in the evening and in the morning can be cool with a chance of rain, please take so warm clothes (sweater, jacket, etc.)


From the train / railway station: by bus or taxi to the bus stop №36 "18 квартал" (see. Diagram).

From the airport: by bus or taxi to the bus stop №77 "Building №10 of the ESSUTM" (see. Diagram).

From the city center: by tram to the stop №4 "ESSUTM", buses №2, 17, 25, 29, 54, 59, 70, 82, 134, 135 to the bus stop. "Building №10 of the ESSUTM" (see. Diagram).